David Disrespectoid is a Fan-Made Character on Game Shakers. Unlinke Babe, He's just as tough as she is but he usually uses that toughness on Babe as revenge for every hurtful, violent and threatening times shes done to Hudson and Triple G. He mostly hangs out with the repectful Shakers in the workshop Like Kenzie, Hudson, Double and Triple G because they were the ones who are not as violent and threatening as Babe is. 

Portrayed and created by Jason Pleasant

Biography (Work in progress) Edit

Childhood Life Edit

School was very rough for him as a young boy. He has been bullied by Babe Carano during the 3rd and 4th grade

Personality Edit

He's mostly a fun loving guy and has a slighty standard Love/Hate relationship to Babe Carano. Being a little physical with her and sometimes even talks back at her but he does his best to stay in control.

Relationships Edit

Kenzie Bell - With Babe out for a shopping spree or something else to do, Dave asks her to help with Game testing or motion capture. He just loves to hang out with her; The only problem is his personal space but Kenzie is nice to tell him to back away a little bit if he's too close.

Double and Triple G - Next to gaming, he loves music. So sometimes he comes to Double G's shows as an extra and he's really talented. Even Double G said he's amazing

Bunny - Bunny is David's Top shelf friend to hang out with. He sometimes helps him recover from his childish acts

Ruthless - Dave and Ruthless take video gaming to the next level. Even thought they battle out on the twists and turns and super swift swingers of video gaming, they always have a great time together. Even when Ruthless gets loud

Hudson Gimble - David gives Hudson some advice on what the others are saying when he hits the "clueless" nail on his head and he usually gets it. He always knows to help somebody else who needs it. even when they're not the brightest crystal in the museum.

Babe Carano - Babe is the ONLY Game Shaker that David has a Love/Hate relationship with. Since the first time he stepped in the Game Shakers Company, he gave Babe a shoulder nudge when she opened the door for him. While working for the company and after seeing her becoming rude, pushy and/or aggressive to the other shakers, He gets a little tensed up but then calms himself

Aside from all the relationships he's had, The other shakers did tend to notice him of how he was to Babe; But did they do anything about it? NOPE! They just dealt with it and continued with their business. Although Kenzie does tend to calm him down so Dave won't go "TOO FAR" sometimes

Trivia Edit

  • Dave use to own an arcade called "David's Den" and has been working there for a long time.He then retired and now started working at Game Shakers
  • The Game Shakers have Dave become an extra test monkey alongside with Hudson and Tripp
  • Not only he's a gamer, he's also a Video Reactor
  • The reason why he was disrespecting Babe is because when he was young, he got a restraining order for something that he didn't even do and Babe put the blame on him making his parents sent to prison. It's been in his mind ever since; Even when the restraining order got expired (his parents died when that happened)
  • After the episode "Bunger Games" Dave felt sorry for himself and decided to "Change the game" he says. Intentionally saying that he's no longer threatening Babe for what she's done
  • After the episode "The Switch" David lost half of his soft side and became hateful on babe once again
  • "Street Rat" is the mostly used insult David described Babe

Quotes Edit

David Himself Edit

  • Whoa there!
  • Ah ah ah ah ah not that one
  • There you go
  • Back up there
  • Oh boy
  • You're about to get deleted
  • Time to override it's/his/her hard drive!
  • Time to Shake up this game

David to Kenzie Edit

  • How's my #1 techno wizard?
  • Hey Kenz
  • Mind if I help?
  • I don't think that's a good idea
  • Not to abort your upload or delete your servos but......
  • Sorry. I'll try to fidget with the gidget
  • Try setting the coordinates from left to right instead of right to left
  • Sighs* Yeah you're right
  • Okay I'm calm

Double G/Triple G Edit

  • Yo Dubb!
  • Sup Trippz
  • Dubb, Time to kick up this party into high gear
  • Whoa that's one strong arm
  • Tripp take it easy tiger
  • Not Yet Guys

Bunny/Ruthless Edit

  • Ah! I'm right here Big guy
  • Hey Bunny
  • Oh Bunny you're such a card
  • Hey Ruthless. could you lend me a hand here
  • Not now Bunny
  • Bunny, Come here for a second
  • Nope it's not me

David to Hudson Edit

  • No Hudson
  • [Smiling] Hudson!
  • WHOA THERE HUDSON. Little red flag going up
  • Don't fall for it dude
  • Not literally
  • Not yet man
  • HOLD UP HUDSON! I mean wait

David to Babe Edit

  • Well well well.....Babe Carano
  • HEY! Just because you're the boss here doesn't mean you have to get in everyone's face!
  • Back Off!
  • Oh what's this?
  • I don't make deals with pipsqueaks!
  • Don't talk to me
  • Don't EVER do that again. GET IT!? GOOD!
  • Let an old pro how you how it's done!
  • Move it or lose it munchkin
  • Hold on there girlfriend
  • Genius!
  • Play Nice
  • Of course

Video 1Edit

@GameShakers - Enter David Disrespectoid GameShakers

@GameShakers - Enter David Disrespectoid GameShakers

Video 2Edit

Game Shakers Fan Made Trailer - Disrecptoid Comes To Town GameShakers

Game Shakers Fan Made Trailer - Disrecptoid Comes To Town GameShakers